CAPTYVATE use digital media to share your story with the world. Creativity is at the core of everything we deliver.

From our humble roots in action sport, CAPTYVATE has progressed into specialists in adventure travel and aspirational lifestyle content creation. Our broad experience in various industries has allowed us to sharpen our skillset for a variety of situations & audiences.

We’ve endured some of the most demanding conditions in some of the most remote locations while capturing precious moments from all around the globe. We will do whatever it takes for the shot!

CAPTYVATE was founded in 2013, in the coastal city of Wollongong, Australia. Ty Bowmaker is the man behind the majority of CAPTYVATE’s production to date. From filming to editing, animation to sound design – Ty has honed his craft to a world class standard. He embraces new ideas by actively pursuing and learning the latest trends & technology. He’s had the pleasure of working with some of his closest friends & through his extensive time spent abroad, has acquired colleagues from all around the world.

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