In February 2021, Blackbird Luxury Accommodation near Byron Bay hosted and commissioned Captyvate to produce a series of digital content.

Welcome to Blackbird Byron!

The objectives were simple:

  • Create aspirational imagery to showcase the bespoke accomodation
  • Boost brand awareness and compliment marketing goals
  • Provide unique assets to post to their website and online platforms

Within 24 hours we:

  • scouted the location
  • completed pre-production
  • created the content

During production, we experienced challenging conditions but instead of admitting defeat in the rain, we adopted a ‘cosy’ vibe – proving that you can make magic under any circumstances.

The deliverables consisted of:

  • 20 high resolution images
  • 45 second promotional video
  • 3 x 15 second social media clips

All of the deliverables are supplied in various formats to suit differing circumstances. We also include an agreement which typically allows for unlimited, perpetual commercial usage and outlines all other terms and conditions of production.

Most importantly, we can tailor our services to suit your budget and goals.

See below for deliverables:

Blackbird requested we use our drone to showcase the private waterfall sitting high above the resort as well as the sweeping views of sub-tropical forest.

You’re ready to work with us to entice more visitors?